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Cura Jones Angel Emily's Mom lit a candle on 07/10/2009: "The pain never goes away huh. I completely feel your pain. My heart goes out to you.emily jones momma"
Grandma Lin lit a candle on 07/02/2009: "Love you, Baby Boy!! Grandma"
Shannon Heinze lit a candle on 05/27/2009: "I'm so sorry for your loss,."
Grandma McGee lit a candle on 02/24/2009: "Sunday we had a day together & Mommy visited your resting place as we took baby sister home; next day was your birthday."
Brandie Burns lit a candle on 02/23/2009: "I think about you everyday. I love you so much. Happy Birthday. I love you so much. Love <3 Auntie Brandie"
Lynn Bezdecheck lit a candle on 02/19/2009: "Your Grandma and I have become friends & I can see the love she holds for you! Be blessed in the house of our Father!"
Mommy lit a candle on 10/01/2008: "I love you so much my gaurdian angel. I know your watching over me and I will never let your memory fade."
Grandma McGee lit a candle on 08/25/2008: "Miss you so much!"
Heather Platt lit a candle on 07/31/2008: "We miss you so much Michael. Keep watching over mommy. We all love you."
Auntie Brandie lit a candle on 07/31/2008: "You've been in the front of my mind all week. Missing && loving you much! Fly high baby boy!"
Grandma Lin lit a candle on 05/19/2008: "Miss you today so much, Baby Mike. I hate to remember back to this day we lost you. You were and are so lonved. Grandma"
Katrina Cure lit a candle on 03/08/2008: "I too lost my child to a mini-blind cord accident. Your son was darling!"
Cassandra Ginsberg lit a candle on 02/26/2008: "god bless you we miss you and love u so much u made ur momso proud when u were born we will all miss u"
Grandma And Grandpa McGee lit a candle on 02/24/2008: "Yesterday was your special day... We miss you so much... You are never fogotten... And always loved! Grandma"
Untie Brandie lit a candle on 02/23/2008: "Happy birthday baby boy. Missing and loving you each and every day...Muaaahh"
Auntie Jess &. Uncle lit a candle on 01/24/2008: "we love you so much and miss you every day..."
Grandma lit a candle on 01/21/2008: "Miss you so much, Baby Mike...."
Trish Benefield lit a candle on 01/15/2008: "God bless you, Baby Michael-Anthony - what a blessing I KNOW you were and are to your loving family!!"
ROSE GRMA TO ANGEL BRITTANY SYFERT lit a candle on 12/28/2007: "Memories keep ur loved one close to u in spirit & thought & always in ur heart,today & forever."
Heather Platt lit a candle on 12/12/2007: "Michael, I didn't know you but I knew mommy in school. God bless you little one. We all miss and love you so much!"
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